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         The State Fund Agriculture has been established in 1998 under the Agricultural Producers Support Act to provide financial support to agricultural producers under state aid programmes, pre-accession SAPARD Programme, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) of the European Union, including the Rural Development Programme. 
         The State Fund Agriculture is accredited by the European Commission as SAPARD Agency and Paying Agency. The conditions and procedures for the financial support under SAPARD Programme as well as the requirements to the beneficiaries are defined by Ordinances of the Minister of Agriculture and Food according to the National Development Plan for Agriculture and Rural Areas and the Multi-annual Financial Agreement under the Special Pre-accession Programme of the European Union for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas in the Republic of Bulgaria.
         The Paying Agency provides financial support from the Euro-funds destined for the Bulgarian agriculture by four instruments – direct payments with attached complimentary national payments, agricultural market mechanisms support, measures under the Rural Development Programme and the Fisheries Programme.
         The State Fund Agriculture provides financial aid for agricultural producers under state aid schemes with resources from the national budget by short-term and long-term instruments. The short-term financial instruments are applied for financial support and stimulation of the production of definite agricultural products (grain, oil-bearing cultures, vegetables, milk and others). The long-term financial instruments are for stimulation of the investment process in the agriculture and the support is for over one year. 
     The State Fund Agriculture is managed by Managing Board of 11 members under the Chairmanship of the Minister of Agriculture and Food, and the operational management is carried out by the Executive Director. The structure of the Fund includes Headquarter and 28 Regional Offices.



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15 август 2019 г.
Приключва втори прием на заявления по помощ de minimis за тютюнопроизводители, претърпели финансови щети от предходни години;
20 август 2019 г.
Приключва приемът по мярка 14 „Хуманно отношение към животните“ от ПРСР 2014-2020 г.
31 август 2019 г.
Приключва приемът на заявления за сертифициране на стопанствата в сектор „Плодове и зеленчуци“ по стандарта GLOBAL G A P.


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Register of recipients of aid de minimis, in accordance with Regulation №1408 / 2013 for three fiscal years, including the current and previous two