1 million BGN for pest control in the perennial crops during the fall

  The Administrative Council of the State Fund Agriculture approved an additional financial resource of 1 million BGN for the fall stage of the Scheme for State Aid for compensating costs of farmers, related to implementing measures under the National Program for pest control in permanent crops in the winter period. The funds are for purchasing chemicals for accelerating the leaf-roting process in the winter, which to be applied during the mass leaf fall in the fall. Costs up to 100 BGN per hectare (VAT included) are supported during the fall stage.

   The main purpose of the State Aid is to restrict to a maximum the losses of the farmers from the spread of pests in the permanent fruits, as well as in the strawberries and raspberries. Financing in the fall stage will be provided to small and medium enterprises - registered farmers for fruits, strawberries and raspberries.


   5 October 2016                          State Fund Agriculture - Paying agency