BGN 605 million Direct payments have been paid

    State Fund Agriculture paid over BGN 89 million subsidies to more than 41 thousand farmers under the tobacco scheme. The subsidy for the 2016 Campaign has been paid in full to producers planting the following brands of tobacco: Kabakulak, Burley, Virginia and Basma during the 2007-2009 reference period.

    BGN 443 909 046 million for direct green payments have been paid to 55 000 farmers. The calculations of the paid financial aid were made at the indicative rate of BGN 124 per hectare. After the issue of an order for a specific amount of the individual support under the scheme, a recalculation will be made and farmers will receive additional payments.

   State Fund Agriculture paid BGN 52 563 215 under the Organic Farming scheme of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme (RDP). 3 098 farmers received payments. Together with the subsidies for organic beekeeping paid in April, the total amount of financial support under the measure for the 2016 Campaign reached BGN 58 million.

  Additional BGN 19 635 350 were paid to 1 385 farmers under the Agri-environment and Climate measure from the 2014-2020 RDP. The payment was made to applicants with approved applications in the following directions: maintenance of grasslands of high natural value, protection of endangered breeds important for the agriculture, pastoralism and maintenance of the habitats of the wintering geese species and Montagu's harrier.


    23 May 2017                               State Fund Agriculture - Paying agency