Farmers received over BGN 500,000 for reducing the production of cow’s milk

  In February, the State Fund Agriculture paid BGN 522,000 to the animal keepers that were approved during the first tranche under the measure for reducing the production of cow’s milk. The measure is part of the additional package of the European Commission with which EUR 150 million were provided to producers from the European Union who had voluntarily committed to reduce their deliveries to first purchasers for a period of 3 months.

   Out of the 304 Bulgarian animal keepers approved during the first stage of the scheme, 226 farmers submitted payment applications within the deadline. They have declared a reduction of the production of the cow’s milk with a total of 5,264 tons. So far subsidies are paid under 88 of the submitted applications. The remaining 138 applications are prepared for payment or are in a process of carrying out on-the-spot checks by the State Fund Agriculture. The support under the Scheme for reducing the production of cow’s milk is 0.14 euro/kg for the approved volume.


    23 February 2017                      State Fund Agriculture - Paying agency




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10 април 2018 г.
Приключва приемът за помощ за участие на земеделските стопани в схема за качество за производство на семена и посадъчен материал.
10 април 2018 г.
Приключва приемът по схема за държавна помощ за компенсиране на материални щети по загинали селскостопански животни и унищожени пчелни кошери и пчелни семейства в резултат на природни бедствия.


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Register of recipients of aid de minimis, in accordance with Regulation №1408 / 2013 for three fiscal years, including the current and previous two