From May 9 begins an admission of applications for restructuring and conversion of vineyards starts

   From May 9 to 26, State Fund Agriculture will accept applications for financial assistance under the measure “Restructuring and Conversion of Vineyards” from the National Program for Support of the Vine and Wine Sector 2014-2018. Only projects whose final implementation deadline will end in the financial years 2017 and 2018 will be financed. The aim of the aid is to increase the competitiveness of wine producers. The indicative budget under the measure is BGN 16.4 million for 2017 and BGN 28.1 million for the financial year 2018.

   There are new moments when applying this year. The main novelties in the legislation are connected with the eligibility of the vineyards to be supported. Properties that have been supported during the last 10 years will not be funded for the same activities. Another change is related to the duration of the monitoring of the investments under the measure. In order to protect the financial interest of the EU, the monitoring of the implemented projects is extended from 3 to 5 years. New requirements for candidates are introduced as well. They must present a criminal record, and the “young grape growers” must attach to the set of documents a certificate for a 150-hour training course, a graduation certificate for a special secondary or higher education degree in the field of viticulture.


     21 April 2017                             State Fund Agriculture - Paying agency




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1 декември 2017 г.
Приключва приемът на заявления за държавна помощ de minimis за пчелари.
20 декември 2017 г.
Приключва приемът на заявления за отсрочване на отпуснати кредити на производители на картофи.


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Register of recipients of aid de minimis, in accordance with Regulation №1408 / 2013 for three fiscal years, including the current and previous two