More than 30 million BGN were received by producers of protein crops

 In April, over BGN 30 million were paid under the coupled support scheme for protein crops. Subsidies were transferred to 15 072 farmers who applied for support for Campaign 2016. Farmers that cultivate at least 0.5 hectares are entitled to subsidies. The financial aid is part of the direct payments schemes with a total budget of BGN 30.9 million (EUR 15.8 million). The amount of the payment per eligible hectare for the production of protein crops for Campaign 2016 is in the amount of the BGN equivalent of 110.68 euro.

  These subsidies were granted to farmers who cultivate at least 0.5 hectares of beans, lentils, chickpeas, green peas, winter or spring peas for grains, peanuts, soybeans, broad beans, alfalfa, sainfoin, vetch, clover, vigna, bitter vetch, lupinus, lotus and/or mixtures of them.



   7 April 2017                              State Fund Agriculture - Paying agency