New rules for reporting the deliveries under the School schemes

    After 5th May 2017, new rules for reporting to State Fund Agriculture - PA the deliveries under the school schemes shall apply. One of the new requirements for submitting payment requests for deliveries made after 5th May is the attachment of a delivery and acceptance protocol, an order or a notarised power of attorney issued in the name of the person submitting the documents. The invoices with which the suppliers report to the Fund should cover the period for which the payment refers. Fruit and vegetable producers are required to provide a certificate of quality conformity for the products. Another change concerns the increase of the eligible maximum number of deliveries of fruits and vegetables under the School Fruit Scheme from 40 to 45.

   When submitting payment requests under the two schemes, a copy of the entries in the accounting records will be required. Suppliers of fruit, vegetables and milk under the two schemes are required to submit an attachment to the payment request, certified by the school head. The document shall contain the actual deliveries and the number of children in the school.


     16 May 2017                              State Fund Agriculture - Paying agency