Over 24 billion BGN of financial support has been provided to stockbreeders

  In October, the registered stockbreeders, who have bred cows, heifers, buffalo-cows, young buffalo-cows and ewes and have requested aid under the coupled support plans during the year, had the chance to apply for financial aid in the Paying Agency .

   Three of the schemes are for emergency support and are financed by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) based on Delegated Regulation (EC) 2016/1613 of the Commission from September 8th 2016. Their total budget is 11,343,800 BGN. The indicative rates are 29 BGN per animal - for cows and buffalo-cows, and 2 BGN per animal - for ewes and does, where the exact amount of the support will be defined after summarizing the information from the submitted applications.

   The farmers are also aided trough State Aid de minimis with a total budged for the national support under the scheme of 13,130,979 BGN. The amount of the individual support is set to 25 BGN per cow/buffalo-cow/heifer/young buffalo-cow and 6 BGN per ewe/doe.


   11 October 2016                          State Fund Agriculture - Paying agency