SFA published recommendations for the purposes of correct reporting of the approved projects and submission of requests for payment

   State Fund Agriculture drew up recommendations for the purposes of correct reporting of the approved projects under RDP 2014-2020 and submission of payment requests. The information has been published on the webpage of the public body. The purpose of the recommendations is that the candidates could receive summarized information which would be of use to them in order to correctly report on the approved projects. The recommendations also contain information concerning the undertakings which the beneficiaries make by singing the contract with State Fund Agriculture until the end of the monitoring period. The expectations are that the information thus provided would improve the quality of the payment requests submitted by the beneficiaries.

   It is worth reminding that the monitoring period is three years as of the date of receipt of final payment for micro-, small and medium enterprises and five years for the remaining beneficiaries under RDP 2014-2020. In cases where a given candidate has received state aid or de minimis aid the monitoring period of his or her project shall be prolonged by up to ten years as of the date of conclusion of the contract for granting financial assistance.


   15 March 2018                                             State Fund Agriculture - PA




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8 февруари 2019 г.
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Register of recipients of aid de minimis, in accordance with Regulation №1408 / 2013 for three fiscal years, including the current and previous two