The most common errors made in the process of application under sub-measures 7.2 and 7.6

  In relation to the expected second admission under sub-measure 7.2. “Investments in the creation, improvement or expansion of all types of small-scale infrastructure” and sub-measure 7.6. “Studies and investments associated with the maintenance, restoration and upgrading of the cultural and natural heritage of villages” from RDP 2014-2020, the State Fund Agriculture prepared analysis of the most common errors made in project proposals under these sub-measures from the first admissions.

  The main goal of the analysis is to aid in the preparation of the project proposals though submission of summarized information to the future candidates regarding the common errors made, as well as to provide additional information in the submission of the aid applications under the respective sub-measures.

  The analysis is of informative and recommendatory nature only and aims at reducing the time limit for review of the aid applications by reducing the number of remarks to the project proposals.

  The analysis has been published on the website of State Fund Agriculture in the “Analysis and statistics” sub-section from the “Rural Development Programme 2014-2020” section.


    9 October 2017                         State Fund Agriculture-Paying Agency




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16 ноември 2018 г.
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Register of recipients of aid de minimis, in accordance with Regulation №1408 / 2013 for three fiscal years, including the current and previous two