SFA prepared an analysis of the 2015 call for applications under the sub-measure 4.1 Investments in agricultural holdings

   Pursuant to the Transparency Policy of the Executive Director Zhivko Zhivkov regarding the activity of the State Fund Agriculture - RA, an analysis of the submitted and contracted project proposals of the first admission in 2015 was prepared under the sub-measure 4.1 Investment in agricultural holdings. The analysis focuses on providing the public with an information about the areas in which project proposals respectively for investments have been submitted and in which areas the highest number of grant contracts have been concluded. Concerning the concluded contracts, a comparative analysis of the allocation of the contracted funds by priority sectors - Fruit and Vegetables sector, Livestock sector, Essential Oil and Medical Crops Sector or projects with a combination of the listed sectors is made.


     28 November 2017                  State Fund Agriculture-Paying Agency




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15 май 2018 г.
Приключва приемът по схемата за държавна помощ за компенсиране на разходите на земеделски стопани за закупуване на средства за растителна защита за контрол на почвени неприятели по картофите от семейство Телени червеи (Elateridae)
16 май 2018 г.
Приключва приемът по подмярка 4.2 „Инвестиции в материални активи“ от ПРСР 2014-2020, през Интегрираната система за управление и наблюдение (ИСУН)


School Fruit


Register of recipients of aid de minimis, in accordance with Regulation №1408 / 2013 for three fiscal years, including the current and previous two