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Ministry of Agriculture

523 beneficiaries declared investments under sub-measure 4.2 of the RDP 2014-2020

   The third acceptance of projects for the current programming period under sub-measure 4.2 has been completed. “Investments in processing and marketing of agricultural products” of the Rural Development Program (RDP 2014-2020). 523 projects were submitted with a declared value of the subsidy of nearly BGN 654 million (BGN 653,656,994). The investment proposals of the beneficiaries were submitted under procedure BG06RDNP001-4.015, which passed through the electronic system ISMM 2020.

   We remind you that the deadline for submitting project proposals under sub-measure 4.2 was extended from February 25 to March 31, 2022, and the budget was increased by over BGN 39 million - to BGN 426 million (BGN 426,280,028). The additional funds allocated under the sub-measure will provide an opportunity to modernize more enterprises in the processing sector, which is facing a number of challenges following the COVID pandemic 19.

   The implementation of the planned investments under sub-measure 4.2 will contribute to the improvement of the vertical and horizontal cooperation between agricultural producers, processors and traders. The implemented projects, in turn, will help increase the competitiveness of agricultural producers and enterprises in the food industry, as well as for their better integration into the agri-food chain. The sub-measure aims to stimulate the development of the Fruits and Vegetables, Livestock and Essential Oil Sectors, which are expected to strengthen the link between producers and processors towards sustainable development and improving market positions.

   According to the conditions for application under the procedure, no preliminary assessment is envisaged. The appointment of an evaluation committee is forthcoming, which will determine the administrative compliance and eligibility of the submitted projects.

   As soon as possible, the State Fund for Agriculture will conduct an on-site visit to the project proposals, which include investments for construction and installation works.


5 April 2022                               SF “Agriculture”- PA


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