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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

SFA to intensify on-site inspections under 2020 Campaign coupled support schemes for fruit and vegetables

  “In the current year, we launched on-site inspections under the 2020 Campaign coupled support schemes for fruit and vegetables earlier. These are intended to make sure that declared data by beneficiaries is correct on site,” SFA Deputy Executive Director Ivan Kapitanov said during an on-site inspection of a vegetable grower in the land of the village of Bratanitsa, Pazardzhik region. “We want those who work to receive adequate support, and no financial support to be provided to those who try to use loopholes for fraud in order only to receive subsidies. The management of SF Agriculture’s policy includes adequate and strict control in terms of the discipline of our farmers and is aimed at fulfilling all the requirements laid down in the support schemes,” Ivan Kapitanov explained. He added that this year the control over coupled support shall be intensified and the frequency of on-site inspections under 2020 Campaign shall be maximised. “So far, more than 1,000 inspections have been carried out at randomly selected beneficiaries. Some discrepancies have been found in terms of declared areas and crops. Such applicants shall be sanctioned and shall not receive support,” Mr. Kapitanov added.

  SF Agriculture Deputy Executive Director Ivan Kapitanov and experts from the Fund’s Technical Inspectorate carried out an on-site inspection of a beneficiary in the village of Bratanitsa who applied for support under 2020 Campaign for growing potatoes - from open fields and greenhouse production. The inspection did not find any violations and the potatoes were in the growth stage.

  During the inspection, Ivan Kapitanov announced that payments for support of potato growers amounting to nearly BGN 1.8 million shall be authorised later the same day.

  2019 Campaign direct payments schemes and measures in the region of Pazardzhik amount to nearly BGN 42 million (BGN 41,935,080). The largest amount - BGN 13 million (BGN 12,961,527) was allocated to 2,157 farmers under the Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS). It is followed by the payment scheme for agricultural practices that are climate and environmentally friendly (Direct Green Payment), with payments amounting to over BGN 8 million (BGN 8,306,891) under 2019 Campaign. 2,157 farmers have received support. The redistributive payment scheme allocated over BGN 3 million (3,062,373) to 2,155 farmers.

  In the region of Pazardzhik, 1,318 farmers received nearly BGN 4.3 million (BGN 4,292,176) under 2019 Campaign coupled support schemes in the fruit and vegetables sector. 384 fruit growers received over BGN 1.3 million (BGN 1,349,228) under the coupled support schemes for fruit. 843 producers received over BGN 2 million (BGN 2,250,218) for vegetables, and 91 greenhouse producers received over BGN 692,729.


                             3 July 2020              SF Agriculture - PA

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