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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Admission under school schemes for 2020/2021 school year to begin as of 1st July

  Applicants under the two European schemes - the School Fruit Scheme and the School Milk Scheme - may apply for approval for the school year 2020/2021 from 1st July to 31st July 2020. Documents shall be submitted at SF Agriculture’s regional directorates, according to the registered office of the applicant. Application forms were prepared in accordance with the form approved by the Executive Director of State Fund Agriculture and are published on the SFA website.

  Children in schools and kindergartens will receive up to 50 deliveries under the School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme and up to 50 deliveries under the School Milk and Milk Products Scheme. For the first time, the new school year will allow the provision not only of conventionally produced fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy products, but also of organic produce to children. For the first year, in addition to products under the two school programmes, honey shall also be made available for deliveries in educational institutions. These updates were outlined in the latest amendments the Ordinance on the detailed rules for the application of the Kindergarten and School Fruit, Vegetables, Milk and Milk Products Schemes, the School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme and the School Milk and Milk Products Scheme, promulgated on 19.06.2020.

  Educational institutions, fruit and vegetable growers, dairy producers, fruit and vegetable organisations, fruit and vegetable producer groups, sole proprietors, companies and cooperatives, as well as municipalities are eligible for participation in these EU schemes. Educational institutions may participate in either of the schemes individually by selecting an applicant under these.

  During the past 2019/2020 school year, the two schemes covered more than 420,000 children attending more than 3,200 schools across the country. Supplies under the School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme and the School Milk and Milk Products Scheme, funded by the EU and implemented by almost all Member States of the Community, shall cover children from the first to the preparatory group in public, municipal and private kindergartens, as well as children from the preparatory group and students from grade I to grade IV in public, municipal and private schools.

  It is reminded that the two school schemes were not designed to feed children in educational institutions. They are aimed at nurturing lasting habits in children in terms of the consumption of fresh Bulgarian fruit and vegetables, as well as local quality milk and apiary products. Amendments to the Ordinance on the Implementation of School Schemes are aimed at promoting domestic production. At least 50% of the fruit and vegetables supplied shall be grown by Bulgarian producers.

  Implementation of the schemes for the provision of fruit and vegetables and milk and milk products in educational institutions is funded by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund as well as by the state budget.


                  25 June 2020                  SF Agriculture - PA

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