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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

BGN 5 million to be allocated in support of greenhouse producers

  The management of SF Agriculture has allocated BGN 5 million under the de minimis scheme to assist the marketing of Bulgarian greenhouse producers’ fresh vegetables. The aid is part of the measures introduced by the state as a relief for farmers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The financial support shall be provided to food retail sites. These are required to provide direct access to fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers produced in greenhouses to consumers. The funds shall compensate for part of the retail sites’ transportation, logistics and marketing costs for fresh greenhouse production of Bulgarian vegetables in 2020.

  Support will be provided to local chains with at least three sites in one or more neighbouring administrative areas. These shall be the link between producers and consumers. The sites shall purchase fresh greenhouse vegetables - tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers - and shall sort, pack and market them.

  The single support rate provided for retail sites amounts to BGN 600 for tomatoes, BGN 400 for cucumbers and BGN 800 for peppers. The calculation includes part of the costs per tonne paid by the aid applicant for bringing production in commercial form.

  Only farmers who have applied under the 2019 Campaign Coupled Support Scheme for Vegetables (SV) and found eligible may offer their production to retail sites. The retail sites shall be registered under Art. 12 of the Food Act and shall be part of BFSA public register. In order to receive the funds, these must provide the Agriculture Fund with invoices proving that they have purchased the produce from the farmers. The State Aid Guidelines and the accompanying registers shall be published on the SF Agriculture website.


                                         8 April 2020            SF Agriculture - PA

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