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Boris Mihaylov: We will overcome the delay in the projects of the Local Action Groups by mid-October

    By the end of September this year, the delayed 104 procedures of the Local Action Groups (LAGs) will be processed, and by October 15 all 369 project proposals awaiting consideration will be evaluated.
    This was promised by the Executive Director of the State Fund Agriculture Boris Mihaylov at the opening of the discussion, organized by the Paying Agency, with representatives of the Local Action Groups, implementing their strategies.
  "All of you, who are present here, have gained significant experience from the implementation of the LEADER approach so far and have proven your professionalism in this area. You are the people who set the milestones and build the bridges for implementation of the approach, which will continue after the end of the current programming period“, underlined Mihaylov.
    "In Bulgaria, the Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) approach has been working successfully for more than ten years. Therefore, I will not allow the State Fund Agriculture to hinder the implementation of any project," said the Executive Director of the Fund. He pointed out that during the current programming period our country is applying multi-fund financing of the CLLD strategies for the first time, through which a total of BGN 386 million from the budgets of the Rural Development Programme and the rest of the Operational Programmes will be absorbed.
     A total of 520 procedures have been received by the State Fund Agriculture, 416 of which have been processed, and 104 are under consideration. Currently, 789 projects have been processed, 445 of which under private measures and 344 - under public measures under the RDP 2014-2020. The project proposals under consideration are 369. To overcome the delay, an Action Plan has been prepared and published on the website of the State Fund Agriculture, the implementation of which is already a fact, Mihailov added.
    The discussion, which took place at VUZF, was attended by representatives of all 64 Local Action Groups, which had received approval for the implementation of their strategies. Some of them joined online through pre-arranged access via an Internet platform.
     The participants in the forum were acquainted with the rules for reviewing and evaluating projects that are supported with grants from the European Structural and Investment Funds. Information on arisen problems, related to the implementation of preliminary and subsequent control of investments, the conclusion of additional agreements, as well as the submission of applications for payments on the projects being implemented, was also presented.

               29 July 2021                                            SF Agriculture - PA


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