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Ministry of Agriculture

Receipt of applications for provision of state aid to poultry and pig farmers is opened

From 20 October to 2 November 2010 (inclusive), State Fund Agriculture will accept applications under the scheme “Temporary state aid for support of agricultural producers aimed at protecting the farms and preserving production in the current financial and economic crisis” of poultry and pig farmers.
The total amount of aid granted to one farm may not exceed the BGN equivalent of 15 000 EUR. If the farm has received aid under the de minimisregulation up to 7 500 EUR, that amount received after January 1, 2008 must be deducted from the funds under the temporary measure for this state aid.
The agricultural producers who wish to apply under the scheme will be able to submit an application for assistance and standard accompanying documents at the Department for Implementation of Support Schemes and Measures at the Regional Offices of State Fund Agriculture at the location of operations.
The aid is granted to farmers engaged in primary agricultural production in pig-breeding and poultry farming – natural persons, sole traders and legal entities meeting the following criteria:
·        Registered under Ordinance № 3 of 1999 for establishment and maintenance of a register of agricultural producers (SG issue 10 of 1999) for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
·        Not having due obligations to the Fund;
·        Not related to debtors of State Fund Agriculture within the meaning of § 1 of the Supplementary Provisions of the Trade Act;
·        Not having public obligations to the national budget;
·        Registered/ re-registered under the Trade Register Act ( for legal entities and sole traders)
·        On the lists drawn up and certified by the relevant breeding organization.
·        To submit a certificate of registration, pursuant to Article 15 of the Livestock Breeding Act, issued by the Regional Office of Agriculture.
Farmers are eligible for support if they possess:
a) at least 50 sows;
b) at least 20 sows of East Balkan breed;
c) at least 4000 parent hens;
d) at least 2000 parent ducks;
e) at least 3000 parent turkeys;
The overall financial resources under the scheme amount to 3 480 000 BGN. The amount of aid depending on the farm size will be determined by the Managing Board of SF Agriculture after an overview of the information. The applicants for this type of financial assistance are required to keep the size of the farm for one calendar year and maintain their registration as farmers until the expiry of the contract.

 19 October 2010                                         SF Agriculture – Paying Agency


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