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SFA concludes contracts with all approved candidates under the beekeeping program for 2022

 Due to the great interest of beekeepers in Measure A, the candidates were ranked. The rest as a reserve will receive support when free resources are available


   The State Fund Agriculture (SFA) has completed the administrative inspections of the accepted applications for support under the National Beekeeping Program (NBP 2020-2022) for 2022. Contracts are to be concluded with all approved applicants. This year the financial resource under the program amounts to BGN 8,073,092.

   Due to the high interest of beekeepers in activity 1 "Support for the purchase of technical equipment for primary production and processing of bee products" of measure A "Technical assistance for beekeepers and beekeepers' associations" of the program ranked candidates for support, which was published on the SFA website.

   For all approved candidates, whose applications are not classified for funding within the available budget for the activity, by order of the Minister of Agriculture of 24.03.2022, a budget for concluding contracts is determined subject to payment of financial assistance in the presence of free resource from the program budget. Applicants who have entered into conditional contracts will be informed in a timely manner if possible to finance the pledged investments.

   During the reception this year, 2371 applications for support were received with a requested amount of financial aid of BGN 9,896,434.

   The most attractive is Measure A "Technical assistance for beekeepers and beekeepers' associations", under which 1905 applications for support were submitted with a requested amount of financial assistance of BGN 4,996,033. beehives in the EU ”, on which 1,346 applications were submitted with the amount of financial aid of BGN 3,615,445 for the purchase of over 30,600 hives, 11,390 hives and 53,740 queen bees. Under Measure B "Fight against aggressors and diseases in the hive, especially against varroa", participation was requested by 971 beekeepers to finance the costs of treatment of bee colonies in the amount of BGN 1,027,361. For Measure C "Rationalization of mobile beekeeping" - the requested financial aid amounts to BGN 195,945, and for measure D “Measures to support the laboratories for analysis of bee products” - BGN 61,650.

   The approved candidates will be invited to sign contracts in the regional directorates of the State Fund "Agriculture", where they have submitted documents.


                    29 March 2022                               SF “Agriculture”- PA

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