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The Paying Agency starts intervention purchase of wheat

On 1 November 2010 State Fund Agriculture – Paying Agency starts intervention purchase of common wheat. The purchase, which is realized in relation to the common organization of the market in cereals in EU, will end on 31 May 2011. The grain covered by the intervention must fulfill the requirements for minimum quality and be harvested on the territory of the European Community.
Offers can be submitted by all holders of homogenous batches of common wheat, harvested on Community territory. The offered batches must be at least 80 tons each and the grain must be healthy, clean and of marketable quality.
On the day when the offered quantities in the Community exceed 3 million tons the European Commission has the right within 5 days to determine a single distribution coefficient for reduction of all offers submitted on that day. After this day all offered quantities will be rejected.
The intervention for cereals will be carried out with a base price of 101.31 EUR/ton, which is approximately 198,14 BGN/ton, applied to the maximum offered quantity of 3 million tons over the intervention period. The prices are calculated approximately according to 1 EUR/1.9558 BGN exchange rate.  
The base intervention price can be raised and lowered depending on the deviation of grain quality from the minimum requirements. The price covers goods delivered to the intervention storehouses, before unloading and excluding VAT.
The offers for intervention purchase are submitted in standard form at the Regional Paying Agency depending on the permanent address or head office of the seller. Detailed information about the conditions for participation in the procedure for sale of cereals in intervention campaigns can be found on the website of SF Agriculture, Agricultural Market Mechanisms, Arable Crops, Announcements.

2 November 2010                 State Fund Agriculture  – Paying Agency


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